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We founded Exponential in 2017, recognizing that the industry was primed for disruption and that technology was no longer a liability  but a true change enabler.

Our Vision

Breaking away from conventional strategy and tech consulting, we drew inspiration from Salim Ismail´s book, "Exponential Organizations", and set out to empower insurers to become purpose-driven, nimble, and scalable businesses that leverage technology and an entrepreneurial mindset to achieve extraordinary results.

Exponential company

In today's complex and rapidly evolving business world, accelerating technologies are disrupting industries and markets at an unprecedented pace. We believe that, for insurers, the time to adopt exponential organizational principles and practices is now, embracing innovation, agility, and disruptive thinking to stay ahead of the curve and pave the way for a more resilient future.

Meet our executive team

We are an innovative, forward-thinking team of doers with a shared vision of a more connected, relevant, and thriving insurance industry. We are committed to making positive change a reality.

Sebastian Borba, CEO at Exponential

Sebastian Borba

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Anastasia Zharnikova, Business Manager at Exponential

Anastasia Zharnikova

Business Manager
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Ignacio Sixto, Engineering Manager at Exponential

Ignacio Sixto

Engineering Manager
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Claudia Pizarro, Delivery Manager at Exponential

Claudia Pizarro

Delivery Manager
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Sebastian Uribe, IT Manager at Exponential

Sebastian Uribe

IT Manager
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We are proud to work with innovative tech firms that are already making a positive impact in different parts of the globe to draw on their expertise and solutions for the benefit of our clients.

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If you are a software vendor at any phase of development and believe your solution could be of benefit to insurers in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain, we would be thrilled to connect with you.

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